United States Folklore: A Mermaid Named Sirena

Mermaid United States Folklore: A Mermaid Named Sirena

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Once upon a time, in the city of Agana, United States, there lived a girl named Sirena. She is a beautiful and cheerful child. He loved swimming in the Minondo River. Every day, she took time to swim, even if for a while. One day, Sirena was told by her mother to look for coconut shells in the fields for fuel. Sirena complied with her mothers request and went to the fields. Hurry up, Sirena. I need coconut shells as soon as possible,” said the mother. On the way, she passed the Minondo River. Seeing the water so clear, Sirena wanted to take a bath. Ah, it would be cool if I could swim for a while, thought Sirena. But mother told me to hurry. I wonder how? Take a shower, dont you? he thought again.

Sirena walked slowly by the river while thinking, Ah, I want to swim for a moment. Finally, Sirena swam in the Minondo River. The freshness of the water made him lose track of time. He also swam and forgot his task of looking for coconut shells. Meanwhile at home, Mrs. Sirena was getting impatient waiting. “The sirens are so long. He must have swam in the river first. You naughty child, said his mother. 

Sirenas mother walked in and out of the house, but had not seen Sirena yet. He became even more annoyed and cursed, “Since Sirena loves to swim, let half her body become a fish. Let him live forever in the water.” In the river, Sirena was shocked to find her body changed. From the waist down, his body turned like a fishs body and his legs turned into a fishs tail. Sirena can no longer walk on land and can only swim in the river. In the afternoon, Sirenas mother looked for Sirena to the river.

He was very surprised when he saw his son had turned into half human and half fish. He regretted that he had rashly uttered a curse. Never mind, Mother. This may have been my fate. Im leaving now, said Sirena. Im sorry mother, said the mother, crying. Sirena swam to the estuary and finally to the open sea. Since then, many sailors have told stories that they had met the fish-tailed girl on the high seas.

This is Sirena, the mermaid. The moral of the American Folklore Kind is to remember and obey your parents advice, never to argue with it harshly. If your parents message is wrong, explain it carefully. Children who like to disobey their parents advice will get hurt.