Penutupan KKN Kelompok V STIES Indonesia Purwakarta di Desa Cibukamanah Sukses Digelar

PRAKATA.ID, Purwakarta – The Closing Ceremony for Group V KKN Students and Compensation for Orphans, Dhuafa and Al-Qur’an Endowments in Cibukamanah Village was held on Sunday, February 25 2024 in the Cibukamamah Village office hall, Cibatu District, Purwakarta Regency.

The aim of this event is to strengthen ties and a sense of brotherhood between students and residents of the Cibukamanah village community for their participation in supporting all work programs that have been carried out by KKN group V students for the past 35 days.

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Cibukamanah Village Community Service Documentation

Activities carried out on the last day of KKN included compensation for orphans, poor people, al-Quran waqf and prize distribution for PAUD and elementary school children. Don’t forget, there was also a dance performance from the Adhipati Studio which took part in enlivening the event.

Cibukamanah Village Community Service Documentation

Nurul Atmam as the chief organizer explained that “This event will be a bridge of friendship between students and the people of Cibukamanah Village even though this KKN activity has ended. “Apart from that, I and the Group V KKN team would like to express our gratitude to the donors (Baitulmaalku Institute, Generation of Purwakarta Hijrah Youth, ES Mamang, Ingkah Jaya Mandiri, BIMBA AIUEO, SMART KIDS and Ayam Geprek Sambel Cenghar), for their cooperation in this event.”

Mr. Dr. Ahmad Saepudin, M.Ud as Field Supervisor would like to thank all the residents of Cibukamanah Village who have accompanied their students during their KKN activities. “Hopefully what the students do while they are here can provide benefits so that it can encourage community economic development,” he said.

Documentation of KKN STIES Indonesia Purwakarta Cibukamanah Village

Mr. Arip Maolana, SM as the secretary of Cibukamanah village in his speech expressed his gratitude to the KKN STIES Indonesia Purwakarta students who had carried out their duties well in Cibukamanah Village. “My fellow KKN STIES Indonesia Purwakarta students are very grateful for having dedicated yourselves to Cibukamanah Village, God willing, what you have done will be very useful for the community here and don’t forget that we haven’t visited one of the natural tourist attractions of Curug Cikalapa.” he said.

Documentation of KKN STIES Indonesia Purwakarta Cibukamanah Village

Hopefully this sense of brotherhood and friendship will be maintained and every activity that has been held previously can provide benefits and new knowledge.